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Burkina Faso Takes Bold Action: Expels Three French Diplomats for Alleged ‘Subversive Activities

As tensions rise between‍ Burkina Faso and France, the ​West African nation has made a ‌bold ‌move by expelling three French ​diplomats‌ accused of engaging in‍ "subversive activities". This latest development⁣ adds fuel to the

Shocking Report: UNRWA Reveals Palestinian Detainees Suffering Sexual Violence at Hands of Israel

In a shocking ​revelation, the⁢ UN Relief and ⁣Works Agency for Palestine Refugees‍ (UNRWA) has alleged that⁤ Palestinian detainees in Israeli custody have been victims of "sexual violence". The disturbing reports have ‍raised serious concerns

Shocking Discovery: 6 000 Free State Pupils Found to be Between 20 and 30 Years Old

In a peculiar twist of fate, over 6,000 pupils in the Free State province have been found to be between the ages of 20 and 30. This anomaly has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about

Netanyahu vows to protect Israel as tensions rise in the West

As tensions in the Middle East continue to escalate, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed his country's commitment to defending itself against any threats. In the face of mounting pressure from Western leaders to exercise

Securing Crime-Free Elections in KZN Comes at a Cost: R40m Investment

In the pursuit of democratic and peaceful elections,‌ the cost of security measures ⁤can ⁣often come with a hefty price tag.⁢ As South Africa gears up for the upcoming elections, the province of KwaZulu-Natal is

Scorching Start: April Heat Records Shattered in Spain

As‌ the‌ sun beats down on the Iberian ​Peninsula, Spain finds ⁢itself in the grip of ​an unseasonable heatwave. With temperatures soaring to unprecedented levels for​ the month of April,‌ locals‌ and tourists alike are

Путин против меня: Юлия Навальная рассказывает об убийстве мужа и своих планах на будущее

In a candid and powerful interview, Yulia Navalnaya opens up about her husband's assassination attempt and her plans for the future. In the face of tragedy, she remains undaunted and determined to seek justice, shedding

Report Reveals Shocking Number of Palestinians Kidnapped by Israel During Gaza War

In‌ the midst of ongoing ​conflict and tension in ⁤the ‍Gaza Strip, a recent report has ​shed light on ⁣a startling statistic - over 3,000 Palestinians ⁤have been kidnapped by⁢ Israeli forces since the beginning

Taiwan’s Submarine Project Chief Resigns, But Ministry Vows to Push Forward

In a surprising turn of events, the chief of Taiwan's long-awaited submarine project has resigned from his position, according to the Ministry of National Defense. Despite this setback, the ministry has assured the public that

Devastating Fire Destroys Denmark’s Iconic Historic Landmark

As the⁢ flames broke out at the iconic historic landmark in Denmark, ⁣the nation ⁣watched in shock and disbelief as ​centuries of history ⁢were engulfed⁢ in‌ the ravenous fire. The ‌once⁤ grand and revered structure,