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Terrifying Discovery: ‘Zombie’ Drug Discovered in UK Cannabis THC Vapes

In a shocking development, a potent synthetic drug known as "zombie" has been found in cannabis THC vapes in the UK. The discovery has raised serious concerns about the safety and regulation of cannabis products,

Healthcare Workers Take Legal Action Against Long-Term Effects of Covid-19

Health staff start court fight over long Covid The battle against long Covid has taken a new turn as health staff are preparing to take legal action against the government over their treatment and support

Longest Wait Times: Which Hospitals Are the Worst for Getting an Op?

Need an op? The hospitals with the worst waits When it comes to accessing medical care, one of the most frustrating challenges can be the long wait times for certain procedures. For patients in need

Living with Parkinson’s: The Struggle to Find Hope

Paxman: Parkinson's makes you wish you'd not been born In a candid and deeply personal interview, renowned broadcaster Jeremy Paxman opened up about his battle with Parkinson's disease. With unflinching honesty, he shared the brutal

Emotional Moment: Radiographer Breaks Down During My Cancer Scan

"Radiographer started crying during my cancer scan" Imagine being in a vulnerable position, undergoing a cancer scan, only to see the radiographer become emotional. This real-life scenario happened to one patient, who experienced a mix

The NHS Paid for My Mum’s Private Treatment, But She Didn’t Make It

"The NHS paid for my mum to go private. She died" - Uncovering the Tragic Consequences of Privatized Healthcare In a shocking revelation, the dark side of the intersection between public and private healthcare comes

Struggle for Answers: Woman’s Journey to Endometriosis Diagnosis

In a frustrating ordeal that lasted for years, one woman visited a total of 20 doctors before finally receiving a diagnosis of endometriosis. Her story sheds light on the challenges that many women face in

Anaesthetist Behind Bars for Drug Theft Linked to Chemsex

Anaesthetist Jailed for Stealing Drugs for Chemsex In a shocking turn of events, a prominent anaesthetist has been sentenced to jail for stealing drugs from the hospital where she worked. The drugs were used to

Exploring the Controversial World of Assisted Dying, Assisted Suicide, and Euthanasia

Assisted dying, assisted suicide, and euthanasia are controversial and complex topics that have sparked countless debates and discussions across the globe. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to distinct practices with

Uncovering a Surprising New Source of Asthma Damage

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects millions of people around the world, causing inflammation and constriction of the airways, ultimately leading to difficulty in breathing. While the exact cause of asthma has long been