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China’s EV Subsidy Cut Spells Trouble for Zim Lithium Miners

China’s EV Subsidy Cut Spells Trouble for Zim Lithium Miners

Amidst the winds of change blowing through the land of Zimbabwe, a new tempest swirls over the horizon, casting a shadow over the nation's prized lithium industry. As China, the global powerhouse in electric vehicle

Makerere Rainbow Rotary Club’s Generous Gift: Smart Tank Donated to Kalerwe Parents School

In a colorful burst of generosity and innovation, the Rotary Club of Makerere Rainbow has invested in the educational future of the Kalerwe Parents School by donating a state-of-the-art smart tank. Breaking through the clouds

Rising Pressure for Ceasefire as Evidence of Hamas HQ at al-Shifa Mounts, Says Bowen

In the midst of ongoing ​conflict ⁢and ‌escalating tensions in⁤ the Gaza Strip, the⁣ demand for a ceasefire continues to grow.​ As the international community calls ⁤for an end to the violence, questions have been

Israel and Hamas on the Verge of a Cease-Fire Agreement

In the midst of escalating tensions and violence, Israel and Hamas find themselves on the verge of a potential breakthrough. Recent reports indicate that both parties are close to reaching a cease-fire agreement, offering a

Uncovering the Potential of 5G FWA in Africa: Bridging the Last-mile Broadband Gap with New Opportunities

Title: Bridging the Digital Divide: AfricaCom's Whitepaper Unveils 5G FWA's Game-Changing Potential in Africa Introduction: In the vast savannahs and bustling cityscapes of Africa lies a fertile ground for transformative change – the digital revolution.

Uncover 15 Quirky White Elephant Gifts for Under $25!

Looking for a fun and affordable gift for your next white elephant exchange? Look no further! We've rounded up 15 unique and quirky gifts, all under $25, that are sure to be a hit at

Uncover the Best and Worst Deals for Buying or Renting in Valencia

Welcome to the vibrant city of Valencia, where the sun-soaked Mediterranean shores meet an enticing blend of history, culture, and affordability. In this article, we peel back the curtain and unveil the secrets behind the

Hamas refutes rumors of prisoner swap with Israel

In the complex and ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, rumors and reports often swirl about potential prisoner exchanges. Recently, speculation has arisen regarding the possibility of a prisoner swap between Hamas and Israel. However,

From Adorable Pug Puppy to Terrifying Gremlin: My Shocking Pet Transformation

Title: From Pug Puppy to Gremlin: A Tale of Surprising Transformations Introduction: In a world full of unpredictable surprises, nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected twist in the tale of my beloved pug

Orlando Pirates Star Thembinkosi Lorch Slapped with R100 000 Fine for Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

In a shocking turn of events, Orlando Pirates star Thembinkosi Lorch has been fined R100,000 for his involvement in the assault of his ex-girlfriend. The talented midfielder's off-field behavior has once again come under scrutiny,