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South African Students Embrace New Hobbies: Sewing and Crocheting, After Ditching Cellphones for 40 Days

In a world dominated by technology ‌and constant connectivity, a group⁤ of South African ​students took on a unique challenge: giving up their cellphones for⁢ 40 days. The result? A remarkable transformation as‍ they delved

Revolutionizing Agriculture in Africa with Climate-Smart Technologies

Revolutionizing Agriculture in Africa with Climate-Smart Technologies

In the vast and vibrant landscapes of Africa, a quiet revolution is taking place. Farmers and scientists are coming together to embrace cutting-edge technologies that promise to revolutionize agriculture in the face of a changing

Get Ready for Monday’s Wild Weather: Damaging Winds and Rain Forecasted Across the Country

In the ever-changing tapestry of nature, Monday's forecast brings a tumultuous blend of elements to various regions across the country. Brace yourselves, as damaging winds and heavy rain are expected to make an appearance in

Unveiling the Intriguing Dynamics of NUP: How it Could Impact Museveni’s NRM in the 2026 Elections

In the realm of Ugandan politics, one name that has‌ been making waves ‍is Brian Keitira, a key figure within the National Unity Platform (NUP). As the 2026 elections draw near, the intricate dynamics within

Taking a Stand: Remmy Wamimbi’s Perspective on Quarantine Measures to Combat Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Kampala

In⁢ the bustling city of Kampala,⁣ the threat of⁣ foot-and-mouth disease looms large, ‌prompting authorities to‍ impose strict quarantine restrictions. One individual, Remmy Wamimbi,⁤ has found themselves at the center of ‌controversy as⁢ they‍ question

Manhunt for Moja Love presenter Xolani Maphanga after alleged assault of elderly woman

In a shocking turn of events, Moja Love presenter Xolani Maphanga has found himself at the center of a police manhunt after being accused of assaulting an elderly woman. The incident has sent shockwaves through

The Shocking Funeral of a TikTok Star Leaves Kenyans in Awe

The recent funeral⁣ of a TikTok star has left Kenyans in a state of ‌shock and⁣ disbelief. The untimely passing of the social media sensation has sparked widespread mourning and raised questions about the impact

Durban Wife’s Deadly Scheme Lands Her Life Sentence for Insurance Payout Murder

In a shocking turn of events, a Durban wife has been sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating a deadly scheme that resulted in the murder of her husband. The plot, aimed at cashing in

Exciting News: LDV, a Leading Chinese Automotive Company, Launches in South Africa!

Exciting News: LDV, a Leading Chinese Automotive Company, Launches in South Africa!

In​ a strategic move that‍ has got tongues‍ wagging across ​the automotive industry, Chinese automotive powerhouse LDV has made its grand entrance into the vibrant South African market.⁤ With‌ a reputation for cutting-edge technology⁤ and

Gen. Mbadi Promises to Purge UNBS and Ministry of Trade

In a bold and ambitious move, General ⁢Mbadi has declared his intention to cleanse the Uganda National Bureau ‍of Standards (UNBS) and the Ministry of Trade. ‍This sweeping initiative is set to revolutionize the regulatory