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Eastern Cape sportsground receives millions in funding, but remains unfinished

The Eastern Cape sportsground has been the focus of much attention and investment in recent years, with millions of rand poured into its development. However, despite the substantial funding, the sportsground remains unfinished, leaving many

German UN Troop Translators in Mali Fear Taliban-Style Fate

In the arid landscape of Mali, a small but crucial group of translators for German UN troops are facing a growing fear of reprisal from militant groups. As tensions in the region continue to rise,

Neighboring Countries Togo and Benin Fall Behind on $1.7m Electricity Debt to Nigeria

Neighboring Countries Togo and Benin Fall Behind on $1.7m Electricity Debt to Nigeria

Emblazoned across the vibrant African landscape, a complex web of interconnected nations thrives on the exchange of resources and cooperation. Nigeria, a formidable powerhouse in West Africa, holds the responsibility of providing electricity to its

President Museveni pledges to safeguard local industries, assures President CEO Forum

In the realm where innovation intertwines with tradition, where the heartbeat of progress pulses through the veins of local industries, President Museveni has emerged as a staunch guardian of economic prosperity. As the luminary figure

Koko Eskom Graft Case Struck from Court Roll Due to Unreasonable Delays

In a recent development in the ongoing saga surrounding corruption allegations at Eskom, the courts have made a significant decision regarding the case against former Eskom executive Matshela Koko. The case has been struck from

University of Fort Hare investigations director to spend three weeks in jail before seeking bail

In a surprising turn of events, the investigations director at the University of Fort Hare has been ordered to spend three weeks in jail before his bail application. The news has sparked widespread speculation and

Julius Malema: Uncovering the Impact of the South African Politician in Kenya

Julius Malema, the firebrand South African politician, has always been a controversial figure. However, his recent statements and actions have sent shockwaves through Kenya, resonating deeply with many citizens. From his inflammatory speeches to his

China’s EV Subsidy Cut Spells Trouble for Zim Lithium Miners

China’s EV Subsidy Cut Spells Trouble for Zim Lithium Miners

Amidst the winds of change blowing through the land of Zimbabwe, a new tempest swirls over the horizon, casting a shadow over the nation's prized lithium industry. As China, the global powerhouse in electric vehicle

Uncovering the Potential of 5G FWA in Africa: Bridging the Last-mile Broadband Gap with New Opportunities

Title: Bridging the Digital Divide: AfricaCom's Whitepaper Unveils 5G FWA's Game-Changing Potential in Africa Introduction: In the vast savannahs and bustling cityscapes of Africa lies a fertile ground for transformative change – the digital revolution.

Orlando Pirates Star Thembinkosi Lorch Slapped with R100 000 Fine for Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

In a shocking turn of events, Orlando Pirates star Thembinkosi Lorch has been fined R100,000 for his involvement in the assault of his ex-girlfriend. The talented midfielder's off-field behavior has once again come under scrutiny,