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Striving to Lower Nigeria’s Inflation Rate: Our Commitment to Progress

Striving to Lower Nigeria’s Inflation Rate: Our Commitment to Progress

In a bid to tackle ⁤the ⁣persistent challenge ‍of ⁤inflation ⁤in Nigeria, the government is ‍leaving no stone unturned as it works diligently⁢ towards bringing down the country's inflation rate. With a focused and⁤ strategic

Unlocking the Power of Women: How They Can Transform Nutrition and Alleviate Poverty in Busoga

In the heart of Uganda lies Busoga, a region rich in culture and tradition. But beyond its vibrant tapestry of customs, there lies a pressing issue that affects the very fabric of its society: poverty

Prince Nakibinge Urges Government to Release Political Prisoners

In a bold plea for justice and freedom, Prince Nakibinge calls on the government to release all political prisoners currently held in detention. As a revered leader and advocate for human rights, his courageous stance

Blade Nzimande Takes Action: NSFAS Task Team to Investigate Non-Payment of Tuition and Allowances

In a recent⁤ development, South Africa's Minister of ⁤Higher Education, ⁢Blade Nzimande,‌ has taken decisive action to address the⁣ ongoing issues of tuition and allowance non-payment⁤ within the National Student Financial ⁣Aid Scheme ⁢(NSFAS). This

University of Fort Hare fraud and corruption trial faces delayed start

The halls of justice are set to welcome the long-awaited trial of alleged fraud and corruption at the University of Fort Hare. After a series of delays, the case is finally poised to begin, shedding

Breaking the Mold: Zephania Ubwani’s Inspiring Journey as an African Journalist

In the bustling world of journalism, where many are lured by the promise of "greener pastures" in Western countries, one man stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Gashegu Mulamira, also known as Zephania Ubwani,

Shifting the Focus: Making Mental Health a Priority for All in Uganda

In the heart of Uganda, a silent yet pressing issue looms over the population like a shadow - mental health. While often overlooked or stigmatized, the impact of mental health challenges on individuals, families, and

Miraculous Rescue: Dramatic Footage of Bus Passengers Saved from Rising Flood Waters

In a ​heart-stopping moment captured⁢ on film, ⁢bus passengers found themselves in‌ a harrowing situation ​as their vehicle became stranded in the midst ‍of flood⁢ waters. The ⁤incredible ‌rescue ​mission‌ that followed not only ‍showcased

Mpumalanga Municipality Claims to be Environmentally Friendly Despite Racking Up R200m Fine for Sewage Spillage

Nestled⁣ in the heart of‌ Mpumalanga, a municipality claims‍ to be dedicated to⁤ preserving the natural environment, despite facing⁣ a ‍hefty fine‍ for sewage ⁤spillage. ​News24's recent ‌report sheds light on‍ the contradictory actions⁤ of

Exciting Growth: African Investors Flock to UK Real Estate Market

Exciting Growth: African Investors Flock to UK Real Estate Market

As ⁤the global economy‍ continues to shift‌ and evolve, a‍ fascinating trend has ‌emerged in the world of real ⁣estate investment: a surge in African interest in the​ UK property market. This influx of capital