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Miraculous Rescue: Dramatic Footage of Bus Passengers Saved from Rising Flood Waters

In a ​heart-stopping moment captured⁢ on film, ⁢bus passengers found themselves in‌ a harrowing situation ​as their vehicle became stranded in the midst ‍of flood⁢ waters. The ⁤incredible ‌rescue ​mission‌ that followed not only ‍showcased

Mpumalanga Municipality Claims to be Environmentally Friendly Despite Racking Up R200m Fine for Sewage Spillage

Nestled⁣ in the heart of‌ Mpumalanga, a municipality claims‍ to be dedicated to⁤ preserving the natural environment, despite facing⁣ a ‍hefty fine‍ for sewage ⁤spillage. ​News24's recent ‌report sheds light on‍ the contradictory actions⁤ of

Exciting Growth: African Investors Flock to UK Real Estate Market

Exciting Growth: African Investors Flock to UK Real Estate Market

As ⁤the global economy‍ continues to shift‌ and evolve, a‍ fascinating trend has ‌emerged in the world of real ⁣estate investment: a surge in African interest in the​ UK property market. This influx of capital

Eastern Cape Teacher Suspended for Allegedly Using Corporal Punishment on Tardy Student

In a small town in the Eastern Cape, an incident has sparked debate and controversy within the local community. A teacher has been suspended after allegedly administering corporal punishment to a pupil for being tardy

Unlocking Profitable Opportunities: Oil Sector Experts Offer Guidance to Entrepreneurs

In‌ a world where ⁤the oil⁢ industry reigns supreme, opportunities ‌abound‍ for savvy entrepreneurs looking to tap⁣ into the wealth of knowledge and expertise ‌that oil sector experts ⁢have to offer. With ​their insider insights

Indian National Robbed of Shs22.4 Million by Thugs in Hoima City

In a bold and brazen act of criminality,‍ a group of unidentified thugs⁢ recently​ carried out⁤ a daring robbery in Hoima City, ​targeting an Indian national and making ‍off with⁣ a substantial ⁢sum​ of Shs22.4

Empowering Africa: Africa CDC and UNICEF Join Forces to Enhance Health Systems

Empowering Africa: Africa CDC and UNICEF Join Forces to Enhance Health Systems

In a groundbreaking collaboration set to revolutionize healthcare across the continent, Africa CDC and UNICEF have joined forces to bolster health systems in Africa. The synergy between these two global health giants promises far-reaching impact,

Spread the Joy of Eid Elfitr: ONC Boss Generously Donates Food Items to Excel Vocational Training Centre Students

As the joyful celebrations of Eid Elfitr approach, the spirit of giving and charity shines brightly in our community. This year, the ONC Boss has extended a generous hand to the students of Excel Vocational

Empowering the Visually Impaired: Ministry of Finance Introduces Braille and Audio-Visual Budget Guide for FY 2023/24

In a significant stride towards accessibility and inclusivity, the Ministry of Finance has unveiled Braille and audio-visual versions of the Citizen's guide to the Budget for the fiscal year 2023/24. The initiative, spearheaded by Joellah

Tragedy Strikes: Over 90 Lives Lost in Mozambique Ferry Disaster

In the‌ wake ​of tragedy, Mozambique mourns the loss ⁢of over 90 lives in a ​devastating ferry disaster. As rescue efforts continue and⁢ officials ‌assess the damage, the nation⁢ grapples with the aftermath of this