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Shocking Discovery: 6 000 Free State Pupils Found to be Between 20 and 30 Years Old

In a peculiar twist of fate, over 6,000 pupils in the Free State province have been found to be between the ages of 20 and 30. This anomaly has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about

National Youth Leader Urges Traders and Civil Servants to Stay Away from Street Demonstrations

In ‍a bold stance⁤ against the disruptive and often chaotic nature of ⁤street​ demonstrations, the national youth ⁢leader⁢ of the People's Liberation Union​ (PLU) has issued a stern warning ⁣to traders and⁣ civil servants. Emphasizing

NRM Leaders Unite: ONC Manager Hajjat Namyalo Leads Reconciliation Efforts for 2026 General Elections

In a bid to foster unity and cohesion within the ⁤National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, ONC Manager⁢ Hajjat Namyalo⁢ has taken on the role of ‍peacemaker as the​ party ⁢gears up for the 2026 ⁣General

Securing Crime-Free Elections in KZN Comes at a Cost: R40m Investment

In the pursuit of democratic and peaceful elections,‌ the cost of security measures ⁤can ⁣often come with a hefty price tag.⁢ As South Africa gears up for the upcoming elections, the province of KwaZulu-Natal is

Kenya’s Doctors’ Strike: A Month of Protest and Pain

In the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya, ‍the streets have been filled with⁤ the sounds of passionate protests and the quiet hum‍ of pain​ as⁣ the country's doctors ⁤continue their‍ month-long⁣ strike. The once-bustling hospitals

Unlocking Opportunities: Madrid Chamber of Commerce Hosts Dynamic Business Forum in the Heart of Madrid

Unlocking Opportunities: Madrid Chamber of Commerce Hosts Dynamic Business Forum in the Heart of Madrid

Nestled within the​ vibrant⁤ city streets of Madrid, a hub of innovation and commerce is set to take center stage as ​the​ Madrid Chamber of Commerce plays host⁢ to an exclusive ​business forum. Amidst the

Proteas Skipper Wolvaardt’s Purple Patch Points to Exciting Future Trailblazing

In the world of cricket, one name is beginning to ignite the imaginations of fans and pundits alike: News24 | Wolvaardt. With a stellar performance that hints at more trailblazing feats to come, the Proteas

Parliament’s agriculture committee fights to keep coffee authority in place

In a blend of tradition and progress, Parliament's agriculture committee is voicing its support for the retention of the coffee authority. As discussions swirl around the future of the industry, the committee stands firm in

President Museveni and South African leader pledge to strengthen partnership for lasting peace and economic growth

In the vast tapestry of African politics, where leaders often come and go like fleeting shadows, there are a select few who stand the test of time, holding steadfast to their vision for a brighter

ANC Secures Ownership of uMkhonto weSizwe Trademark, Reveals CIPC Document

In a recent development, the⁣ iconic uMkhonto weSizwe trademark has been ⁢officially ‍transferred ‌to the African ⁤National ​Congress,‍ according to ‍documents from‌ the ⁤Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). This transfer ‍marks a ⁣significant milestone