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Author: George Arnold

George Arnold

Massive Demonstrations Against Spain’s Separatist Amnesty Law

Title: Unveiling Spain's Unsettled Symphony: Protests Echo as Amnesia of Separatist Amnesty Law Sparks Flames Introduction: In a nation draped in vibrant tapestries of culture, history, and diversity, the Iberian Peninsula's internal symphony has always

Massive Support: 10 Million Iranians Volunteer to Join Gaza’s Fight Against Israel

In a display of solidarity and commitment, over 10 million Iranians have pledged to join the fight against Israel in Gaza. The overwhelming response from the Iranian people reflects a fervent desire to support their

Former PM Imran Khan’s Judicial Lockup Notification Struck Down by Pakistan Court

In a surprising turn of events, a Pakistan court has struck down the notification to keep former Prime Minister Imran Khan in judicial lockup. The decision comes amidst heightened political tension and legal battles, leaving

Exciting Update: South Africa to Introduce Cargo Delivery Drones

The skies over South Africa are about to see a new addition as Cargo delivery drones prepare to take flight. News24 has confirmed that the country is set to embrace the latest in delivery technology,

Iran condemns UN Security Council’s inaction on Gaza ceasefire during Israel’s bombardment

Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, Iran has taken a stand against the United Nations Security Council for its failure to call for a ceasefire. As the violence escalates, Iran has voiced its

China President Calls for Two-State Solution to Bring Lasting Peace in Israel-Gaza Conflict

In a world filled with the echoes of conflict and the divisive voices of nations, it takes a moment of profound clarity for a leader to rise above the turmoil and offer a visionary path

Xi Jinping Urges Immediate Ceasefire to Stop Israel-Hamas Conflict in Gaza

In the midst of escalating tensions and violence in the Gaza Strip, Chinese President Xi Jinping has emerged as a voice of reason, calling for a ceasefire to end the bitter conflict between Israel and

Maximize Your Savings: A Guide to Tax Deductions on Holiday Purchases in Spain

Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Tax Deductions in Sunny Spain: Unlocking the Potential of Your Holiday Splurges! Picture this: you're strolling along the breathtaking streets of Barcelona, the warm Mediterranean breeze gently caressing your face,

US Refuses Israel’s Request for Ceasefire in Gaza, Says IRGC Chief

In the wake of ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, tensions rise as the United States denies permission for a ceasefire, according to Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps Chief. The escalating violence has brought international attention

Rare Exhibition: British National Gallery’s Masterpieces Debut at Hong Kong’s Palace Museum

Unveiling the dynamic fusion of artistic brilliance and cultural exchange, Hong Kong's Palace Museum sets the stage for an unprecedented exhibition that ignites the imagination and celebrates the masterpieces of Britain's venerable National Gallery. In