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Author: George Arnold

George Arnold

Israel’s Losses Mount in Gaza: Top Iran Military Commander Reports 15 Tanks Destroyed Daily

In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, the top Iran military commander has made a bold claim: Israel is losing an average of 15 tanks every day. As tensions continue to escalate in the

Coronation faces potential increase in R761 million tax bill pending ConCourt ruling

In the world of business, taxes are a necessary, albeit sometimes daunting, part of the game. For Coronation, one of South Africa's leading asset managers, the stakes have just been raised as they await a

Shock Resignation: Optus Telecom CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin Steps Down Following Major Australian Outage

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, the sudden resignation of a top executive can send shockwaves through the industry. Such is the case with the recent departure of Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, following a

Discover the Regions in Spain with the Most Frustrating Internet Speeds

Unraveling the digital tapestry that blankets the vibrant nation of Spain, we stumble upon a patchwork of internet connections, each varying in strength and reliability. While the bustling metropolises hum with the rhythm of lightning-fast

Russia and China on the Verge of Completing De-Dollarization: What It Means for the World

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the global economy, Russia and China have announced that their de-dollarization efforts are nearly complete. This strategic shift away from the US dollar as the primary currency

Israel and Hamas Reach Tentative Agreement to Release Hostages and Cease Hostilities

In a surprising turn of events, Israel has announced a potential breakthrough in negotiations with Hamas, with a tentative deal being reached to release some hostages and temporarily halt the ongoing conflict. This development comes

Dynamic Kriel Brothers Making a Splash in URC

In the exhilarating world of rugby, the emergence of new talent never fails to captivate fanatics and enthusiasts alike. Amongst the latest rising stars are none other than the "strong-willed" Kriel brothers, making their mark

Ramaphosa Condemns Israel for War Crimes and ‘Genocide’ in Gaza at Brics Summit

Unleashing a torrent of diplomatic shockwaves at the prestigious BRICS summit, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa boldly voiced his condemnation of Israel's actions in Gaza, accusing the nation of committing war crimes and perpetrating what

Discover Where Americans in Spain Can Find Thanksgiving Celebrations and American Food

Amidst the quaint cobblestone streets of Spain, where flamenco rhythms echo and vibrant fiestas ignite, it's not uncommon for Americans to feel a touch of nostalgia for home during the cherished holiday of Thanksgiving. As

New Poll Reveals Overwhelming Disapproval of Biden’s Israel Policy Among Young US Voters

In a recent poll, it was revealed that a significant 70 percent of US voters aged 18-34 disapprove of President Biden's stance on Israel. The findings shed light on the views of a key demographic